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Dive into flavor vibes with our epic cakes collection! From the vibes of Red Velvet to the tropical hype of Buko Pandan, our cakes are legit awesome. Snap up your slice of +coffee. coolness – where each bite is a flavor party!


Cookie Moments

Dive into indulgence with our Chunky Cookies Collection, where every bite is a symphony of textures and flavors. Crafted with passion and care, these generously sized cookies boast the perfect balance of crisp edges and chewy centers. From the rich allure of Red Velvet to the nutty delight of Praline, each cookie is a sweet adventure waiting to be savored. Elevate your snack time or share these delectable treats with loved ones. Discover the joy in every chunk with our irresistible Chunky Cookies Collection - a celebration of taste, quality, and pure delight.

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    Level up your gifting game! Send our insanely delicious cookies to your ride-or-die crew and fam. It's not just a treat; it's a vibe. It's the perfect sweet surprise! Dive into the goodness now and send a box of happiness today!

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  • Events & Corporate

    Make a lasting impression with our artisanal cakes & cookies. Whether it's a milestone event or you're looking for the perfect gift to impress clients and colleagues, our cookies are the perfect special gift. Let's sweeten your connections.

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  • Mountain-Made Delights

    Experience the sweetness of the mountains! Based in the charming village of Canmore, AB, we ship our delightful cookies across the US & Canada. Local? Enjoy the goodness with convenient pickup options.

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Baker, Creator, and Happy Dance Enthusiast

Meet the culinary maestro, Charm, behind +coffee. Crafting magic in every bite, Charm brings a passion for chunky, chewy cookies and dreamy cakes. 🌟 Dive into a world where happiness is baked into every treat. Discover more about Charm's journey 👇🏻

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We're proud to announce that our cookies have been officially approved by 'Made in Alberta', showcasing our commitment to local craftsmanship and quality.

🍁✨ As a certified member, we're honored to display the 'Made in Alberta' seal, symbolizing that our products are locally made right here in Alberta, Canada. From our kitchen to your doorstep, each cookie is crafted with care and passion, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Join us in supporting local businesses and taste the difference of true Alberta craftsmanship with every delicious bite. Shop now and experience the pride of 'Made in Alberta'!