About +coffee.

Hey there, sweet souls! ✨ I'm Charm, the mastermind behind +coffee., stirring up magic in the world of delectable desserts. Together with my incredible husband, Luis, who not only helps with everything but also invented, formulated, and came up with the name +coffee., we're on a mission to make every bite a celebration. 

My journey into this sugary realm began with a deep love for baking and a knack for creating extraordinary treats. The birth of +coffee. was a happy accident, fueled by a friend's insistence on sharing my culinary delights beyond our close-knit crew.

At +coffee., we're not just about desserts; we're about crafting experiences. Each recipe is a reflection of my love for chunky, chewy cookies, and dreamy cakes. I whip up what I love, putting my creations through a rigorous testing phase to ensure they exceed not only my expectations but yours too. Quality, taste, and freshness are my non-negotiables.

Venturing into the food-selling scene had its challenges, but armed with a business background, I conquered them. I plunged into the intricacies, got the certifications, and immersed myself in the world of food safety. Now, I'm thrilled to share my delightful creations with you.

Beyond the flour and sugar, I juggle roles as the brains behind a digital marketing agency. When I'm not whipping up mouthwatering desserts, you'll find me soaking in the stunning views of Canmore, AB, with my family on weekends.

Let's dive into this culinary adventure together, where every bite is a celebration, and joy is baked into every treat. Join me in exploring the extraordinary world of +coffee.

The Origin of the name, +coffee.

Ever wonder why we're called +coffee.? Well, it's not just about the caffeine kick but the perfect partnership of our mouthwatering treats with your go-to cup of joe. It's a testament to the delightful pairing of our delectable desserts with your favorite coffee.

Our creative genius, Luis - the hubby behind our brand, came up with the name, envisioning a world where our desserts add that extra oomph to your coffee experience. Even though we don't serve coffee directly, each treat is crafted to complement your favorite brew, creating a flavor-packed duo that's seriously next-level.

So, dive into the delicious world of +coffee. – where desserts meet coffee, and every moment is a tasty adventure. Enjoy our cakes and cookies + your coffee 😉.

Charm's Favorites!