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Egg Cookie Shaper

Egg Cookie Shaper

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πŸ₯š Egg-citing Baking Adventures Await! 🐣

Ready to add a splash of Easter fun to your baking routine? Introducing our Egg Cookie Shaper – the perfect tool for transforming your chunky cookies into adorable egg shapes! 🌟Just imagine: golden-brown cookies, fresh out of the oven, ready to be molded into charming eggs.

🌟 Features: 🌟
✨ Easy to use: Simply bake your cookies, then while they're still warm, shape them using the shaper.
✨ With our shaper measuring 3 inches wide from left to right and 4 inches from top to bottom, you'll create eggs that are just the right size for your baking masterpieces. πŸͺ✨
✨ Made with durable, food-grade materials for safe and long-lasting use.

🎁 Perfect for: 🎁
✨ Adding a festive touch to your Easter baking or creating themed cookies for springtime celebrations.
✨ Baking enthusiasts who want to add a personalized touch to their cookies.
✨ Delighting kids and adults alike with charming egg-shaped treats.

πŸ’– Spread the Love: πŸ’–
Whether you're crafting Easter-themed treats or simply adding a playful twist to your baking creations, our Egg Cookie Shaper is here to crack a smile! πŸŽ‰

Note: For best results, use with chunky cookies weighing between 60g-150g. Handwash only.

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